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Kiseido Sale

Posted by stephen on March 10th, 2004

Kiseido, the famous go book and equipment publisher and supplier has announced that they are offering a 10% discount o­n all orders of English language books and equipment, and free shipping. For those of you who didn’t top up your book collection at the Irish Open last weekend, now’s your chance. Check it out.

Irish Open Winners

Posted by stephen on March 5th, 2004

Year Winner Country 2004 Toshio Nishimura Japan 2003 Marco Firnhaber Germany 2002 Toby Manning England 2001 Gerry Mills Wales 2000 Richard Hunter England 1999 Matthew Macfadyen England 1998 Matthew Macfadyen England 1997 Alistair Ward England 1996 Shutai Zhang China 1995 Matthew Macfadyen England 1994 Tony Goddard Ireland 1993 Gerry Mills Wales 1992 Taro Matsumoto Japan […]

Top 8 Latest News

Posted by stephen on March 5th, 2004

LATEST NEWS Steve Flinter and John Gibson scored 6/7 in last year’s Top 8 and expected to fight for top honours again this year. However qualifier Paul Brennan flew in from Cardiff with other ideas.