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Restaurant Evening on the 24th of July!

Posted by stephen on July 23rd, 2004

In order to celebrate the end of our very successfull handicap go tournament, IGA members will meet in Dublin City Centre for a nice meal in a Chinese Restaurant. Here is the opportunity to meet fellows go players outside the Pembroke, in a nice and relaxed atmosphere! Location: Mao’s Restaurant. Clarendon Street. Date: Saturday, the […]

Irish Championship 2004

Posted by stephen on July 1st, 2004

The eight players in the table below will compete in a round-robin competition. The top two finishers playoff in a best of three match to determine the 2004 Irish Champion. WAGC points will be awarded as follows: 10 for first, 7 for second, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for eighth. Games in the round […]