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Internet News

Posted by stephen on September 28th, 2004

The Ireland Room on KGS did indeed take on the Texas Room. Sadly we lost 1-2. Our chances of a comeback on Sunday were ended when the server crashed suspending play. Results Tommy2Tone beat Derek83 Javaness lost to Yebi  (taking 3 stones) Colin44 lost to Sonoma (taking 6 stones)

Go Clubs in Ireland

Posted by stephen on September 27th, 2004

Over the next while, I hope to put up plenty of information of Go in Ireland. In particular, I want to cover all of the clubs – no matter how small – where two or more people meet in the name of Go. To kick start this, I have created a new section for articles […]

Top 8 Results, September 22

Posted by stephen on September 23rd, 2004

Another Top 8 result from Wednesday, September 22: Noel beat Chris. This means that with Noel and Steve both on 5/6, they are both qualified for the final without having to play the game between them. Hence, this game will not be played, and is halved by mutual agreement. Noel and Steve will now enter […]

Qualifier Draw

Posted by stephen on September 21st, 2004

The draw for the 2005 championship took place in the Pembroke last night (Monday, Sept 20th). Because of his inability to play his remaining games, Paul Brennan was deemed to have forfeitted his last two games, with a loss awarded to both Paul and his two opponents. What this means is that Noel, Steve and […]

Leaving Party, Monday, Sept. 20

Posted by stephen on September 17th, 2004

Dear Go friends, Irish Go has always been enriched by the continuing stream of players from abroad. Every so often we have to part company with someone who has left their mark on Irish Go. In recent years we have said goodbye to Daniel Dultzin, Mr Oh & Mr Kim. Now another stalwart leaves after […]

2005 Qualifier Tournament

Posted by stephen on September 9th, 2004

The time is now upon us to look to the 2005 Irish Championship (Top 8). As usual, we will be holding a qualifier tournament for those who finished outside the top 4 in this year’s championship, and for any other interested eligible players. The tournament will be played from about mid-September to the end of […]

Top 8 Results, September 8

Posted by stephen on September 9th, 2004

Two more Top 8 results from Wednesday, September 8: John (w) beat Aidan (b) by 10.5 points and Steve (w) beat Olivier (b) by 21.5. This brings to a close John’s, Aidan’s and Olivier’s games in this year’s championship. It looks likely that Olivier will finish in the top 4 of the championship, and hence […]

Top 8 Result, September 1

Posted by stephen on September 2nd, 2004

Top 8 result from Wednesday, September 1: Steve (b) beat Bernard (w) by resignation.