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2004 Irish Championship Final

Posted by stephen on November 9th, 2004

After two hard fought games, the 2004 Irish Championship has at last been decided. Noel beat Steve 2-0 to retain his crown. Game 1 was played on October 18th. Steve (w) lost control of his time in overtime, and his flag dropped with one stone left to play, resulting in a loss on time. The […]

2004/2005 Handicap Tournament

Posted by stephen on November 8th, 2004

Dear Go Friends, I am happy to announce the start of our 2004-2005 Go Handicap Tournament. I would like to invite everybody to enter this exciting event to email Olivier Deme (olivier.deme(at)irelandscape(dot)com) by Wednesday, the 10th of November. The entry fee is included in the Collegians Go Club membership. People from outside the Collegians club […]