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Top 8 Result – November 28

Posted by stephen on November 29th, 2007

In the first game of the 2007 Irish Championship Final, Ian (b) beat Steve (w) by 15.5 points, taking a 1-0 lead. A partial record of the game is available here.

2008 Top8 Qualifiers – 2 Results

Posted by olivier on November 29th, 2007

Two Top8 Qualifiers games were played in the Pembroke yesterday evening. John win on time against Aidan, while Olivier beat Michael by just 3.5 points. These Top8 Qualifiers results can be viewed here.

January Rapid Tournament

Posted by olivier on November 17th, 2007

The IGA will organize a Rapid Go Tournament open to all club members in January 2008. WHERE: Pembroke Pub WHEN: Wednesday 30th of January 2008, Registration at 7PM, First Game at 8h15PM(not 9!) This is a handicap+1, sudden death based tournament, with 0.5 komi for handicap games and 6.5 komi for even games. The schedule […]

2008 Top8 Qualifiers: Pairing

Posted by olivier on November 14th, 2007

A draw has taken place in the Pembroke on Wednesday the 7th to determine the pairing for the Top8 Qualifiers. The following games should be played before Wednesday 12th of December (inclusive): Rory Wales vs Bernard Palmer John Gibson vs Aidan Walsh Paul Brennan vs Brian Gallagher Michael Thai vs Olivier Deme The following players […]