The last game in the 2007 Championship final was played last night in the Pembroke. Noel has written some comments on the game.

Steve was black and used an interesting opening, but in the end had to resign. Ian then won the final 2-1 and has won his first Irish Championship. 

This leaves the 2007 Top 8 as follows (with Japan points shown):

  1. Ian (10)
  2. Steve(7)
  3. Noel(6)
  4. Terence(5)
  5. Claas(4)
  6. Olivier(3)
  7. Bernard(2)
  8. Brian(1)

One Response to “2007 Irish Championship Final”

I am happy that my friend Ian did well in the tournament as well as the popularity in Ireland have been growing significantly.
I love Go, I love Flann O’Brien, and now, I love you guys.

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