2014 Confucius Cup Game Records

Posted by Rory Wales on February 20th, 2014

The game record from the top board from all five rounds of the 2014 Confucius cup are downloadable and viewable here.

Round 1: Antoine Fenech vs Fan Hui [Download]

[sgfPrepared id=”0″]

Round 2: Joshua Cheong vs Fan Hui [Download]

[sgfPrepared id=”1″]

Round 3: Fan Hui vs Csaba Mero [Download]

[sgfPrepared id=”2″]

Round 4: Fan Hui vs Ondrej Silt [Download]

[sgfPrepared id=”3″]

Round 5: Fan Hui vs Kim Ouweleen [Download]

[sgfPrepared id=”4″]