The┬áIrish Championship of 2014 is not yet finished, but a date has been set for the event of next year. On the weekend of January 10th – 11th the Top 8 kick-off event will take place at the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin. The Annual General meeting will be held on the evening of Saturday the 10th of January. The AGM will take place on the Saturday, after the Top 8 games finish, provisionally at 5:00pm. Read on to find the AGM agenda.

Discussion items are:
1. The return of qualifier matches to decide who plays in the Top 8.
2. Non McMahon tournaments to be class C for Korea points.
3. The Ladder to be class C for Korea points.
4. Executive positions
5. Korea tax to be increased to 2 points.
6. Korea tax only to apply if you haven’t earned any Korea points in a given year.
7. Inter provincials – Leinster captain sought.
8. Event to mark 60th anniversary of JET in Ireland
9. Creation of a Women’s Championship


5 Responses to “Top 8 and AGM”

I would like to add a motion to the agenda. How can I do that?

Just write it here, or email secretary at irish go dot org

I would like to add to the agenda the point of holding an Irish womens championship during 2015. In the format of live games with the option of doing online or face to face.


Were the minutes published somewhere? Latest I can find on the site are 2014’s in About the IGA.

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