Hello merry go players!

Time to plan your next go tournament : why not take the opportunity to visit one of the liveliest city of Ireland!

Galway will welcome you on the – probably extremely sunny and beautiful – week-end of the 6 and 7th of May for a handicap-1 tournament in a relaxed atmosphere. All informations on this page here :


One Response to “Galway Tournament – 6-7 May”


I am a beginner at go, and am considering attending this tournament. I have been told on the OGS server that beginners are welcome to compete, but do you think I will get much out of it (I just hit 19k on OGS)?

It was recommended to me that I let you know that I am considering attending, to make it easier to arrange numbers. However, I am planning to only come for the first day, I expect to be swiftly eliminated anyway, so the second day shouldnt be a problem!



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