Irish Go Association


History of The Irish Go Association

After various informal Go groups met periodically from the 1970’s the TCD group & Collegians club amalgamated to form the IGA in 1989. The IGA became affiliated to the International Go Federation (IGF) and the European Go Federation (EGF) and started running the Irish Open Go Championships from 1990. We reached the…

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2001 Irish Go History

Taken from the 2002 Ranka Yearbook Irish go came of age with the successful hosting of the 45th European Go Championship in Dublin, starting on 21 July 2001. After periodic efforts by interested visitors to set up a go club during the 70s and 80s, two small groups were formed towards the end of the…

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1999 Irish Go History

Taken from the 2000 Ranka Yearbook The 1999 Irish Open, part of the European Grand Prix, was of a very high standard this year, with 32 participants, 22 of whom were 2-kyu or stronger. The winner was Matthew Macfadyen 6-dan (UK), with Eduardo Lopez Herrero 6-dan (Argentina) in second place, and Andrew Grant 2-dan (UK)…

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1996 Irish Go History

The following was taken from the 1997 Ranka Yearbook The main event of 1996 was the Irish Open, held March 15-17 in Dublin. Attended by 28 players from ten countries, it proved to be an exciting tournament. Shutai Zhang 7-dan (UK) was the winner on 5–0, but the next five finishers were all on 3…

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1995 Irish Go History

Report taken from 1996 Ranka Yearbook 1995 was a very successful year for go in Ireland, being the first year that the Irish Open was a European Grand Prix tournament. It was held in March, with a total attendance of 34, including 19 players of dan strength. The winner of this five-round event was Matthew…

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