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Announcing: the IGA League

Do you hunger for more competitive games? Do you nurse a lingering desire to avenge your last tournament defeat? Does the gap yawning between the Ulster Open and the Confucius Cup fill you with ennui and despair? Fear not, we have you covered: starting from mid-May, the IGA League will bring you three…

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April Rip-Off: The Gong Show

go Cheng Gong vs. James Hutchinson

Cheng Gong (L) vs. James Hutchinson Sometimes you just happen to be in Dublin for a weekend, notice that there’s a tournament on, stop by on a whim…and proceed to sweep all before you to take the top prize. Visitor Cheng Gong, formerly of the London club, took three straight wins to top the…

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John Gibson (1948–2022)

“There, that’s an insidious little move…” It is with great sorrow that we report the death of John Gibson, one of the Irish Go Association’s longest-serving and best-loved members. In the course of a long career in Go, John achieved a ranking of one kyu, representing Ireland four times at the World Amateur Go…

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Alex and John Best in Top 8

John and Peter endure chilly conditions in the backdoor bracket final at Toner’s.
John is about to warm things up with the cut that kicked off the fighting. Alex Delogu and John Courtney emerged the strongest of the contenders in the Top 8 and will contest this year’s Championship. Alex went undefeated in three…

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An April Rip-Off

With the Confucius Cup deferred until September, what better opportunity to return to the Teachers’ Club for another day of rip-offs, trick plays, and general treachery? Can anyone unseat reigning champion Lu Xinqun? Who will carry off the coveted Golden Hamete prize? The April Rip-Off will take place on April 2nd, 2022 at the Teachers’…

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