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Top 8 Result – 15th May

Posted by stephen on May 16th, 2006

Noel and Ian played in the Pembroke on Monday night. After some interesting fighting, Noel (b) won by 5.5 points. The game was notable for Ian entering Overtime. This result has been reflected in the 2006 Championship table.

Top 8 Result – Wednesday 3 May

Posted by stephen on May 4th, 2006

Steve and Chris played their Top 8 game last night. Steve (w) beat Chris by 18.5 (after 6.5 komi) in what was a close run game most of the way. Steve lost a large group in the middle game, but recovered in the end game as Chris struggled under time pressure. This result has been […]

Irish Championship – Wed 26 April

Posted by stephen on April 28th, 2006

A number of top 8 games have been played over the past few weeks. Most recently, Steve (w) beat Claas (b) by 1.5 points in a nail-biting finish last Wednesday. In something of an upset, Claas had previously beaten Noel. Brian has also played two games, losing to both Noel and Chris. These results have […]

Irish Championship – Mon 27 Feb

Posted by stephen on March 1st, 2006

Two more top 8 games to report. On Monday evening Noel beat Paul Atling. Over the weekend, Chris and Claas played, with Chris (w) winning that encounter. These results have been reflected in the 2006 Championship table.

Irish Championship – Sun 5, Mon 6 February

Posted by stephen on February 6th, 2006

Sunday saw the first game of the 2006 Top 8 final played. Steve (w) beat Ian (b) by resignation. On Monday night there were two games in the Pembroke. There was a return to the Top 8 for Paul (b) beating Aidan (w). Whilst Ian (w) beat Chris (b). The new Championship table is now […]

Qualifier Draw

Posted by stephen on December 9th, 2005

With the 2005 Top 8 having come to a close, the draw for the Qualifiers was made in the Pembroke on Wednesday night. This consists of the bottom 4 finishers in the Top 8 and 6 other eligible players. The draw is as follows … Chris Rafferty vs Bernard Palmer Paul Atling vs Aidan Walsh […]