Irish Women’s go championship – rules

Posted by James Hutchinson on April 1st, 2015

This document is version 1 of the rules of the Irish Womens Go Championship. These rules came into force in 2015.

Irish Womens Go Championship Rules

1. Eligibility

The Irish Womens Championship is open to all female Irish passport holders, and to female non-nationals who have been permanently resident in Ireland for at least 6 months.

2. Qualification

Participation is open to all who fit the eligibility criteria at the time of close of registration, at the end of March.
The league table tournament should finish by the end of October and the Final best-of-three game should finish by the end of November.
Games are played under the rules outlined in the section below.

3. Top 8 Tournament

The Irish Womens Championship play an all-play-all league.
Time limits for the games are 60 minutes each per game with Japanese overtime (byo-yomi) of five periods of 30 seconds.
There is no handicap.
Komi is set at 6.5 points for white.
Players decide colour by nigiri.
All games are played according to the ruleset used by the International Go Federation’s WAGC rules.
Players with the same number of wins at the end of the tournament league table play a single play-off game as a tie-breaker.
The top two players play a best-of-three game final, with time limits of 90 minutes plus Japanese overtime (byo-yomi) of five periods of 1 minute
Colour is chosen by nigiri in the first game of the final, and reversed in the second. Colour is again chosen by nigiri if there is a third game.
The winner of this match is declared the Irish Womens Go Champion.

4. Playing Online

Players can, by mutual agreement, play their games through an online service such as IGS orKGS.
All other rules stated here are still valid for such games.
Both players should retain a record of such a game, in the event of a dispute arising.

5. Rules Committee

In all matters of interpretation of these rules or of issues not covered above the IGA Committee has the final decision.