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NOTE: All club meetings have been suspended during the Covid-19 Outbreak.

Cork — Alternate Tuesdays 20:30, in St Fin Barre’s Cathedral Hall, (check Facebook to confirm)

Galway — Tuesdays, 19:00, in McSwiggan’s

Dublin — Wednesday, 19:00, in Toners


Irish Go Congress (review)

Top 8

Galway, June 13th/14th (details coming soon)

Latest News

Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 7

Round 7 took place on two days, Monday and Tuesday.
First blood came from James, the last Jedi of ANI team who beat Eoghan in a very interesting game. It seems Eoghan had the impression that the game was really over when in fact AI analysis seem to show that the game was quite close even…

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Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 6

And here it comes, the round 6 of the Cup with two very tense games.
On Board 1 Niallgo was fighting to extend his winning streak from 3 to 4 games in a row. The game started very well for him with an attack on the left side of the board but White ended up alive…

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Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 5

Review of our fifth round, with very good games again.

On board 1, Piotr (blackpete) slowly took the measure of Carol and end up killing a big dragon. Carol put a great fight and had opportunities to completely change the outcome of the game at some points.

Full review here

On the other board a game…

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Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 4

Terrific fights last Tuesday with two very tense games between balanced opponents.

The first game attracted all attention with Roy aka Gowest trying to go for a fourth consecutive win for team Takemiya.
Niall didn’t faint and put a halt to this streak. It was a solid display, the beginning of the game was very balanced but…

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Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 3

Tuesday 7th of July saw the 3rd round of our Summer Go Cup.
let’s spoil the result straight away :
Roy maintained his winning streak with a 3rd victory in a row with Niall leaving no chance to his opponent on board 2.
After 3 rounds the standing of the cup are as follow
Team Takemiya is…

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