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Throughout the week we talk all things Go. Every Wednesday evening from 8pm players from all across Ireland play each other via Discord.

Beginners welcome, teaching games and reviews can be arranged during the session.

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NOTE: All club meetings have been suspended during the Covid-19 Outbreak.

Cork — Alternate Tuesdays 20:30, in St Fin Barre’s Cathedral Hall, (check Facebook to confirm)

Galway — Tuesdays, 19:00, in McSwiggan’s

Dublin — Wednesday, 19:00, in Toners


Correspondence Championship (in progress)

Latest News

Irish Summer Go Cup – and in the end, ChoChiHun wins!

In a dramatic finish, the Irish Summer Go Cup finally came to an end yesterday with a win by team ChoChiHun over team Takemiya.

Matei was ready to pay a vibrant tribute to his team leader, legendary Takemiya, and opened up with a Sanrensei opening. I was ready to pay one to my team leader, the…

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Irish Summer Go Cup – Semi-Finals

The two semi-finals have been played and the name of the Finalist Teams are known! ChoChiHun and Takemiya will fight for the world famous ISGC title!

On board 1 James and myself had a intense but quick fight which ended up because of a life and death misread, thus ending James record-winning streak. I have reviewed…

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Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 10

Irish Summer Cup is reaching the end, this was the last round before the Semi-Finals! Two teams had only one player left, ANI with James and ChoChiHun with me (Philippe) and had no other choices but to win to keep their team in the Cup.
I started on Monday with a game against Stephen. The game…

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Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 9

High level games again this week with James against Peter and Kevin against Alex.
Both games were very tight even during middle games and decision was very late to arrive.
In James vs Peter game, James took early cash through a skillful attack but Peter managed to create some weak groups to attack and slowly came back….

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Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 8

Our Round 8 review is here!
These are back to wall games now.
James as the last player of his team continues to maintain ANI’s hope alive after a new victory against Piotr from team Chochihun. The game was very balanced with James taking a clear lead but blackpete slowly coming back into the game by attacking…

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