As already announced on the newsgroup, the AGM will take place this year on Wednesday 5th October, at Larry
Murphy’s at 8.30pm. As of now, the agenda is very short, so there should be plenty of time for amusement after the meeting. If you care about how Go is run in your country, please turn up!

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[…] IGA have announced the date for this year’s AGM. All interested players are invited to […]

I won’t be in Dublin for this. Is there a copy of the agenda somewhere to view? I have some queries but figure they might be already up for discussion.

Rough Agenda

1. Plan to create a Pair Go tournament
2. Organisers to get 1 Korea point f(or more?) or organising tournaments
3. Improve links with partners
4: Irish Open, decide details
5: Funds – can we have enough money to stay in the EGF, can we propose a new 100 euro min. fee
6: Committee Positions. President and Treasurer will be vacated.

Thanks for those Ian. I had been wondering about the position with the EGF, so 5 should answer that.

I also had a few queries regarding regular membership, but have already asked one of the committee to look over them, as only one is likely AGM-worthy.

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