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Welcome to the Irish Go Association (IGA) website. Learn about the ancient game of Go (aka Baduk or WeiQi) and find out where you can join one of our clubs throughout Ireland. Be sure to check out the IGA Discord channel where you can meet our community, talk about Go and organise activities online.


Belfast — every other Monday from 18.30, Northern Lights (Ormeau Road)

Dublin — Wednesdays, from 19.30 until closing, in Toner's

Lisburn — Saturdays, 10am — Facebook

Galway — Wednesdays, 7pm, McSwiggan's

Tournaments & Events

2024 Irish Championship
Qualifiers (Jan–Feb, online)
Top 8 (2nd–3rd March, Dublin)

Annual General Meeting
12th March, online

April Rip-Off
13th April, Teacher's Club, Dublin 1

Latest News

Registration Open for League Season 5

Registration is now open for the fifth season of the IGA Online League. The fifth season will run from April through June. The League is organised into groups of 4–5 players of similar strength, with each group playing a double round-robin (so you will play two games against each other player in your…

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Ulster Open 2024 – RESULTS

Place Name Rank Country Club Wins R#1 R#2 R#3 MMS SOS SOSOS
Calota Lucretiu 4D UK St.A 3 3+/w0 2+/b0 4+/w0 32 91 276
Liu Dewei 2D IE Belf 2 4+/b0 1-/w0 3+/b0 31 92 275
Nulty Stephen 1K IE Dubl 1 1-/b0 5+/w0 2-/w0 30 93 270
Hutchinson James 2D IE Belf 1 2-/w0 8+/w1 1-/b0 30 91 266
Farrell Kevin 2K IE Galw 2 6+/w1 3-/b0 8+/w1 30 87 256
Tuohy Niall 4K IE Dubl 2 5-/b1 9+/w3 10+/w5 28 80 221
Gociu Tiberiu 5K IE Belf 3 0+ 0+ 0+ 28 75 225
Lee Byoung-Ju 4K IE Dubl 1 9+/w3 4-/b1 5-/b1 27 83 249
Elkink Jos 8K IE Dubl 0 8-/b3 6-/b3 11-/w3 22 71 216
10  Lafferty Colin 11K IE Galw 2 13+/w1 12+/w1 6-/b5 21 63 182
11  Aitken James 13K IE Belf 2 12-/w0 14+/w9 9+/b3 19 53 149
12  Stephenson David 13K IE Belf 2 11+/b0 10-/b1 15+/w9 19 53 142
13  Mcgarvey Luke 13K IE Belf 2 10-/b1 15+/w9 14+/w9 19 49 114
14  Singh Gurmeet 25K IE Belf 1 15+/w0 11-/b9 13-/b9 6 25 128
15  Hawthorne Zoe 25K IE Belf 0 14-/b0 13-/b9 12-/b9 5 26 127

OpenGotha 3.52.03 – 17-02-2024 18:19 Round#1: Stephen Nulty vs Lucretiu Calota Round#2: Lucretiu Calota vs Dewei Liu Round#3: Liu Dewei vs Stephen Nulty Lucretiu Calota vs. James Hutchinson David vs Zoe & Luke…

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AGM Date Change

The date for Annual General Meeting has been changed to 8pm, Tuesday, March 12th to avoid clashing with the upcoming Pandanet Go European Team Championship match. The deadline for submission of motions and nominations for office has likewise been extended to Sunday, 10th March.

Croatia Prevail Against Ireland

Croatia emerged the clear victor in a bruising fifth round encounter with Ireland in the Pandanet Go European Team Championship, winning the match 4–0. Karl Irwin’s was the first head on the block, his match taking place on Monday evening. Karl pinned everything on central influence, building a massive moyo. His framework ultimately…

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Irish Correspondence Championship 2024

The correspondence championship will be starting once again on Sunday February 18th, and entries are open. Games will be played on OGS, as part of the Ireland group. Similar to previous years, this tournament is open to anyone who is Irish, has ever lived in Ireland, is married or otherwise related to someone…

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