IGA Tournament Records

This page records the results of all the tournaments that have taken place in Ireland since the formation of the IGA.

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Irish Championship

Year Champion Runner Up
2024 Philippe Renaut Lu Xinqun
2023 Philippe Renaut Lu Xinqun
2022 John Courtney Alex Delogu
2021 Matei Garcia James Hutchinson
2020 Matei Garcia James Hutchinson
2019 Matei Garcia James Hutchinson
2018 James Hutchinson Cian Synnott
2017 Philippe Renaut Noel Mitchell
2016 James Hutchinson Noel Mitchell
2015 Philippe Renaut James Hutchinson
2014 James Hutchinson Roman Pszonka
2013 Noel Mitchell Roman Pszonka
2012 Roman Pszonka James Hutchinson
2011 James Hutchinson Ian Davis
2010 Ian Davis James Hutchinson
2009 Ian Davis Claas Roever
2008 Claas Roever Noel Mitchell
2007 Ian Davis Steve Flinter
2006 Noel Mitchell Steve Flinter
2005 Noel Mitchell Steve Flinter
2004 Noel Mitchell Steve Flinter
2003 Noel Mitchell Steve Flinter
2002 Noel Mitchell Steve Flinter
2001 Noel Mitchell Steve Flinter
2000 Steve Flinter Noel Mitchell
1999 Noel Mitchell Steve Flinter
1998 Noel Mitchell Steve Flinter
1997 Noel Mitchell Steve Flinter
1996 Noel Mitchell Paul Donnelly
1995 Steve Flinter Noel Mitchell
1994 Noel Mitchell John Gibson
1993 Noel Mitchell Bernard Palmer
1992 Noel Mitchell
1991 Noel Mitchell Damien Lynch
1990 Noel Mitchell Paul Eustace*

*In 1990 the event was part of the Irish Open.

Confucius Cup

Year Champion
2023 Kim Seong-Jin
2022 Stanislaw Frejlak 1p
2019 Kim Young-Sam
2017 Kim Seong-Jin
2016 Oh Ming-Yu
2015 Kim Young-Sam
2014 Fan Hui 2p
2013 Mero Csaba
2012 Mero Csaba

Irish Open

Irish Rapid

Dublin Rip-Off

Year Champion
2024 Liu Dewei
2023 Marc Stoehr
2022 Gong Cheng
2021 Lu Xinqun

Ulster Open

Year Champion
2024 Lucretiu Calota
2022 James Hutchinson
2021 Tom Coulthard
2019 Wang Daqun
2017 Lucretiu Calota
2016 Wang Daqun
2015 Karl Irwin
2014 Ngoc-Trang Cao
2013 Tiberiu Gociu
2012 Laurens Spijker
2011 Andrew Simons
2010 David Phillips
2009 Matthew Crosby
2008 Daniel Paraschiv, Yohei Negi
2007 Ian Davis
1992 Tony Goddard

Cork Open

Galway Open

Ulster Championship

Irish Handicap

Irish Ladder Tournament

Miscellaneous Events

The following are irregular events, or online competitions, that have been run:

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