Korean Prime Minister’s Cup

From 2019 the Irish representative to the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup is determined as follows:

“When the invitation to the KPMC comes in, any member of the IGA who wishes to become the Irish representative to the KPMC should express that interest to the committee. To facilitate this, the committee should ask somebody from each club to ask club members is anybody interested. If multiple IGA members are interested, a score will be assigned and the player with the highest score, providing they have not represented Ireland at the World Amateur Go Championship during that same year, should be selected. If a player has represented Ireland at the WAGC in the same year, they may only attend the KPMC if no other player wishes to go.

The score shall be calculated as follows:

Score = GOR + tournament attendance factor – KPMC attendance factor

GOR is the player’s GOR value according to the European Go Database.

Tournament attendance factor: 100 points will be added on for each Open Irish tournament within the last two years where a player played, ghosted, or organised more than 50% of the rounds. A player who ghosted or organised a tournament should make this fact known to the committee on application.

KPMC attendance factor: 500 points will be subtracted if the player played at the KPMC in the previous year. 400 points for the year before that. And so on. 300, 200, 100 points respectively.”

For clarification, neither the Top 8 nor the PGETC count for the purposes of defining an open Irish tournament.

The following players have represented Ireland at the KPMC:

The previous system can be viewed on the Korea Points page.

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