IGA League

The IGA League is the Irish Go Association’s primary online tournament, giving IGA members the opportunity to play competitive, rated games throughout the year. We also welcome friends from other associations.

The League operates two seasons each year: Spring (April–June) and Autumn (September–November). Games may be played on any server that supports the time controls, and you will play 2–3 games each month. The League Commissioners are Byoung-Ju Lee (blee.dublin) and Eoghan Barry (rottenhat).

Season 5 (Spring 2024)

Season 5 (Spring 2024) will continue from April through June. Registration is now closed and the league is underway.


The League is divided into Groups of 4–5 players. Each Group plays a double round-robin, meaning that you face each other player in your Group twice in a season, once taking black, once taking white. Time controls are 45 minutes main time, with byo-yomi of 3 x 30s.

You receive one point for each win, with a bonus point for winning both halves of your match against a given opponent. Within a Group, players are ranked by points, with ties broken by direct comparison (the games between the tied players), then by position at the start of the season.

At the end of the season, the player at the top of each Group is promoted to the next Group up, while the player at the bottom of the Group is relegated to the Group below. In some seasons there may be additional promotions and relegations to allow the formation of new Groups.

Results are submitted to the European Go Database for rating — the IGA League is a Class D online tournament for ratings purposes.

Joining the League

Open registration begins approximately four weeks before the start of the season. We will place you in a Group determined by your EGF and online ratings. In general, we do not place anyone directly into the top Group — you must play your way into Group A.

We open new spaces every season and usually we can accommodate everyone who wants to join but we can’t guarantee everyone a spot. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If we can’t place you in a group appropriate to your strength, we will place you on a waiting list — you’ll have priority entry for the next season.

Entry is free to members of the Irish Go Association. Guests from other Associations pay an entry fee of €5 per season.


Gavin Rooney topped the table in the Spring 2022 season to become the inaugural League Champion. The current Champion is Lu Xinqun, who has all three seasons since.

Season Date Champion
4 Autumn 2023 Lu Xinqun
3 Spring 2023 Lu Xinqun
2 Autumn 2022 Lu Xinqun
1 Spring 2022 Gavin Rooney


We extend great appreciation towards our league sponsors.

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