Belfast Go Club used to meet on Monday nights on the brewbot on the ormeau road. Sometimes we would have also met on Thursday evenings in random coffee shops on the Stranmillis Road. In total, we have around 15 members in the club, ranging from complete beginners up to 2 dan in strength.

If you are interested in attending, please contact me at james8hut AT hotmail DOT com as this page mightn’t be up to date. Or visit the Club Website.


The first Belfast tournament took place over a single day in October 2007, consisting of a four round McMahon tournament, won by Ian Davis. Catalin Taranu 5p was in attendance, giving several teaching games and a review of the top board game in the final round.

The tournament expanded to two days in 2008, but even five rounds were not enough to separate Daniel Paraschiv and Yohei Negi and first place was awarded to both jointly. Full results. In 2009 the visiting Matt Crosby was victorious over 4 rounds. Yet another new victor appeared in 2010, this time the invading Manx man David Phillips, who, despite losing his last round game, triumphed with a point to spare. See scoretable

In 2011 Andrew Simons became champion, seeing off previous winners David Phillips and Matt Crosby. See scoretable In 2012, dutchman Lauren’s Spijker, after several years of trying, carried off the title – See results.  The 2013 tournament was won by club co-founder Tiberiu Gociu. Club captain James Hutchinson was once again placed third, for the fifth year in a row. See results. In 2014 Ngoc-Trang Cao took home the title, with 5/5 – see results. In 2015, Karl Irwin returned home from China, and crushed everybody Results In 2016, Daqun Wang won. Results

Amidst an unusual January snow, we had another one day mini tournament in 2016, which was played as a handicapped Swiss. Tibi once again secured victory.

Ulster Championship

This event is also organised by the Club. The rules are detailed on this page.

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2024 Championship page is here.

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