Top 8

The Top 8 Tournament is played annually to determine who will compete for the title of Irish Champion. The tournament takes the form of an eight-player double elimination. The top four finishers each year automatically qualify for the following year’s Top 8 tournament with the remaining places filled by qualifiers.

Rules | Previous Tournaments

The schedule for the 2021 tournament is below. All games will be played in the Ireland room on KGS.

Championship Game 2: Wednesday, 10th March, 7pm

Matei Garcia (1st) d. James Hutchinson (2nd)

Championship Game 1: Wednesday, 3rd March, 7pm

Matei Garcia d. James Hutchinson

Round 5: Wednesday, 24th February, 9pm

Matei Garcia d. Piotr Gawron (3rd)

Round 4: Wednesday, 17th February, 8pm

Backdoor Bracket
Matei Garcia d. Roman Pszonka (4th)

5th/6th Place Play-Off
Alex Delogu (5th) d. Michael Thai (6th)

Round 3: Wednesday, 10th February, 8pm

Winners’ bracket:
James Hutchinson d. Piotr Gawron

Backdoor Bracket:
Matei Garcia d. Michael Thai (eliminated)
Roman Pszonka d. Alex Delogu (eliminated)

7/8 Place Play-Off
Tom Shanahan (7th) d. Peter Kasko (8th)

Round 2: Wednesday, 3rd February, 8pm

Winners’ bracket:
James Hutchinson d. Michael Thai
Piotr Gawron d. Alex Delogu

Backdoor bracket:
Matei Garcia d. Tom Shanahan (eliminated)
Roman Pszonka d. Peter Kasko (eliminated)

Round 1: Wednesday, 27th January. 8pm

Michael Thai d. Matei Garcia
Piotr Gawron d. Roman Pszonka
James Hutchinson  d. Tom Shanahan
Alex Delogu d. Peter Kasko

Qualifying Round 2: Wednesday, 20th January, 8pm

Roman Pszonka d. John Courtney
Piotr Gawron d. Ian Davis
Peter Kasko d. John Gibson
Tom Shanahan d. Stephen Flinter

Qualifying Round 1: Wednesday, 13th January, 8pm

John Gibson d. Cian Synnott (forfeit)
Stephen Flinter d. Chris Rafferty
John Courtney d. Shinuito
Piotr Gawron d. Niall Tuohy
Peter Kasko d. John Doyle
Tom Shanahan d. Ruari McCloskey (forfeit)

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