Need a Go set? Look no further — the IGA now has a stock of equipment for sale to members. Choose between two options: the Basic set, perfect for casual players; and the Tournament set, for players looking for something a little fancier that won’t break the bank. The stock is held in Dublin, so delivery should generally be free to the Dublin area — outside of Dublin, there will be a charge for postage. Contact the Secretary to arrange payment and delivery. We will continue to keep both sets in stock.

Basic Go Set, with stones, bags, rulebook sitting on top of board in front of box

Basic Set

The Basic set comprises a birch laminate, hinged folding board, 320 glass stones in cloth bags, and a rulebook. The set comes in a cardboard box for convenient storage. Note that the number of stones is less than the standard 360 in order to keep the price low — 320 is plenty for most games, and in a pinch the players can usually exchange prisoners to ensure enough stones to finish the game.

Price: €60 plus postage.
Weight: 3.6kg

Tournament Go set with bamboo bowls and stones in boxes sitting on board

Tournament Set

The Tournament set comprises a beech veneer, hinged folding board, 360 glass stones, and a pair of bamboo bowls. The board is slightly thicker and the stones are slightly larger in diameter than those of the Basic set. This is a quality set that will last you a lifetime of play.

Price: €125 plus postage
Weight: 5kg

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