Irish Correspondence Championship

Posted by ian on November 12th, 2013

The 2016 Irish Correspondence Championship is open for registration.  The official start date will provisionally be the 1st of January 2016. Email Ian Davis to enter.

There will be prizes for the winner in each division. These will either be a lesson with a strong amateur or a token with an online Go shop.

Previous Results: 2014 , 2015

System: League format will be used, with the plan being to have 3 leagues, subject to the number of entrants. You will play 1 game against each person in your league.
Rules: Japanese Rules, 6.5 komi, all games to be played on even. Time Limits should be set to Fischer Time 45 days main time (and maximum time) with + 12 hours per move. Clocks run on weekends. IGA membership requested.
Servers: The default server is Dragon Go Server, but we can also use Online Go Server
Notes: In correspondence play, you should feel free to refer to various sources of information on the game to help decide your play. You should not feel free to use a computer program to decide your play. :)

How To

Search for your opponent here
Use the Invite this user button to create a game offer
Set the following options:
– Rules Japanese
– Komi 6.5
– Manual setting (even or handicap game): Nigiri
– Main Time 45 days  (It will not go above 45 days if I am not mistaken)
– Fischer + 12 hours per move
– Clock runs on weekends
– Rated (If you want)

Remember to tell Ian (javaness) the result when you finish your game!





Richard Brennan (rick)
Ian Davis (javaness)
Irina Davis (bigfox)
Alex Delogu (AD26)
John Doyle (signius)
James Hutchinson (jameshutch)
John Gibson (ishidaogo)
Carol Doyle (bluehorse)
Noel Mitchell (goaddict)
Michael Plikk (mipli)
Philippe Renaut (ptitlou)
Thomas Shanahan (seanachain)