Irish Women GO Championship

Posted by Philippe Renaut on April 9th, 2015

The Irish Womens Go Championship determines who will hold the title of Irish Womens Go Champion.

The tournament takes the form of a league-table, with each competitor playing a single match against the others. The Champion is decided in a best-of-three game between the top two players.

All competitors are advised to read the rules thoroughly.

The standings in this years tournament are shown below:

Michèle Renaut XXX 1  1  1  3
Carol Doyle 0 XXX 1 1  2
Sheena Walsh  0 0 XXX 1  1
Kim Ahn Eastman  0 0 0 XXX  0

Game 1 of the final was won by Carol (white) by 7.5 points over Michelle – see sgf.
Game 2 was won by Michelle to level the score at 1-1.