1991 Irish Go History

Taken from the 1992 Ranka Yearbook

Go in Ireland continued to grow in 1991, with clubs now meeting regularly and an increasing number of foreign visitors making contact. The visit of Mr. Akihiro Kumagai, amateur 5-dan, from Japan to Dublin for a month provided many instructive games and an opportunity to assemble some of the local Japanese players.

The annual two-leg match against the Isle of Man was held again this year, being completed at the Go Isle of Man COngress (result 4-3 for the Isle of Man). The winner of the 1991 National Championship, held in January (open to players of 6-kyu and higher), was Noel Mitchell 1-kyu, who therefore represented Ireland in the 13th WAGC.

One problem has been the loss of several top players who have moved abroad, and we still have no active women players at all. Ireland has now been accepted into the European Go Federation and we have a firmly established association, which should allow us to build further interest in the future. (Report from Noel Mitchell)

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