1994 Irish Go History

Taken from the 1995 Ranka Yearbook

This year was marked mostly by a welcome increase in the number of foreign participants in our open events. The Irish Open, held in March 1994, attracted a total of 25 players, including ten dan players, making it the largest and strongest tournament ever held in Ireland. The winner was Tony Goddard 5-dan from Belfast. The Irish Open Handicap Tournament in November 1994 also attracted many players from abroad and was won by Mark Ivey 9-kyu from Preston, UK.

We were again fortunate to have our usual quota of summer visitors and this year they included two professionals from China touring after the European Go Congress. Mr. Wang Guan Jun 8-dan and Mr. Chen Zhi Gang 6-dan spent a frenzied weekend in August humbling our local players. Thanks are due to the Chinese Embassy for laying on a sumptuous reception also.

The Irish National Championship was again won by Noel Mitchell 2-dan; John Gibson 2-kyu was second and represented Ireland in the 16th WAGC in Kyoto, finishing a respectable 38th. Commencing this year we have changed to a points system (points being accumulated each year) to select future representatives. We look forward to the year ahead and anticipate a further increase in international visitors since from 1995 the Irish Open will be a European Grand Prix tournament.

(Noel Mitchell)

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