31 May – Ireland take 3rd place in Euro Teams

After a fairly mediocre season in the European Team Championship last year, the Irish team have managed to turn their performance around. We finished on a high, with a 4-0 whitewash of Portugal. This allowed us to pass Turkey, and take outright 3rd place in Division C. If our improvement in form continues, we may be in contention for a place in Division B next year.

Read on for some statistics…

Although we had 10 games, the one against Belarus was changed to a 4-0 win after Belarus were thrown out of the league. We also had a walkover win against Bosnia.

Our big boost this year was the impressive performance of Gavin Rooney, who was unbeaten.

Board 1
Gavin Rooney 5/5 , Ian Davis 2/3
Board 2
Ian Davis 5/5 , James Hutchinson 2/2 , Rory Wales 0/1
Board 3
James Hutchinson 1/3 , Rory Wales 2/2 , Eoghan Barry 0/2 , John Gibson 1/1
Board 4
John Gibson 2/3 , Michael Hutchinson 1/2 , Rory Wales 0/2 , Mark Webb 0/1

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