8 Oct – Baduk Movies

Every so often a new Go website comes along. Most are short lived, but BadukMovies has been around 6 months ago, and is slowly gathering more followers. I’d like to recommend it as a place to discover little gems of Go Baduk wisdom. It’s two contributors are dutch dan players, at least one of whom you should recognize. Read on for some more description from their site…

The website centers around videos about all sorts of go topics. With each video we zoom in on a different topic: a special pro player, a tesuji, a trick-play, a joseki, the benefits and weaknesses of a recurring formation (like the L+2 group or the base you get after approaching a hoshi stone the standard way). We also did/plan on reviewing game records of fans.

Because the videos zoom in one one topic at the time, the viewer gets very specific and detailed information. We make a new video every week, which comes online on monday. They are usually around 10 min. long with the occassional exception. We just did a 20min. video about a master player, Huang Longshi. The videos are free. I’d say the things we discuss are quite in-depth and more suited for ‘experienced’ players although we also have enthusiastic 10kyus watching regularly.

On the website we also have two other features: a collection of progames that is free to download or add onto by anyone. And “Baduk Gems” which is a sort of Twitter for pro games: we upload games played by pros there with special moves. It says the move, a small description with it, you click on it, and suddenly you are enlightened.

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