EGM decisions

The EGM confirmed most of the business discussed at the inquorate AGM.

  • The rank and nationality requirements to earn Korea points have been dropped. All IGA members are eligible to earn Korea points going forward. However, Irish citizenship is still required to represent Ireland at the KPMC.
  • Tournament directors are not subject to the 50% rule for earning Korea points and shall be regarded as receiving a bye for any rounds in which they do not compete.
  • Korea Points will be awarded for the Ladder.
  • The Ireland room on KGS will be the default venue for Ladder games, in the event that no alternate venue is agreed by the players involved.
  • Japanese overtime will be used in the Ladder, the Top 8 and the Championship, and should be considered the preferred overtime option for all IGA events.
  • The Irish Championship will be completed by April 30th.
  • Future AGMs will take place following play on the Saturday of the Top 8 Kick-Off tournament.

There was almost no wailing and hardly any gnashing of teeth.

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