31 Dec – AGM Notice

What better way to wish our membership a happy new year, than to remind them of the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January. It will be taking place on January the 18th during the Top 8 tournament. Due to the ongoing strategic repositioning of the executive membership, this year all of the top posts are up for grabs. You are therefore very much encouraged to turn up and take part in the meeting to shape the Irish Go Association.

Date:  Saturday 18th January  Time: 5:30pm  Place: Leeson Lounge (148 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4)

The following positions are open for election (incumbent in brackets)

President (Rory Wales, who is standing down)

Secretary (Eoghan Barry, resigned due to relocation)

Treasurer (Acting – Rory Wales, not restanding)

Committee Member (Noel Mitchell, Arthur Cater, Justyna Kleczar, Ian Davis (webmaster), James Hutchinson, John Gibson, Rich Brennan)

The following motions are known

Motion 1, proposed by Ian Davis: The current selection process for the Top 8 is proving overly complex to administer (multiple emails & delays etc).

For reference we currently have:
(1)The Top 8 is composed of the four top finishers from the previous year who intend participating in the current championship and four additional qualifiers.
(2)The four additional qualifiers are determined by the Irish Ladder tournament
(3)Where a player qualifies for, but is unable to take part in the Top 8, then the next player in line from the same qualification route will be chosen to take his place.
I propose to change this as follows
(1) The four top finishers in the Top 8 from the previous year earn the right to a qualification spot in the current Top 8, which they may accept or decline.
(2) The remaining places are filled from the Irish Ladder tournament
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