Leinster 6 Clermont 6

It might look like a rugby result but in fact was the final score in a Go match last Wednesday played at Collegians new home in The Baggot Inn, Baggot St, Dublin. A group of players from Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne region in France were on holiday in Ireland and wanted to play a local selection. They varied from 2D to 12 k in strength so we matched a group of roughly equal players from our regulars. We played IOM handicap at 40 minutes plus 25/5 overtime.

Clermont won the first match comfortably 4-1 with Carol the only local winner against Eudeline. However Leinster stormed back in round 2 winning 5-2 with Aurelien, Marie, Chris, Peter Kron and Sheena winning to equalize the match overall at the last moment.

Thanks to Rory, Julia, Arthur and the others who helped run the match and Eddie,Alan etc. from The Baggot Inn who have welcomed us royally since our move from Larry Murphy’s
Scenes from the match


Round 1: Leinster Select-v- Clermont-Ferrand
Aurelien Journet-Brochet 0-1 Pierre Techio(2d)
Marie Julien(4k) 0-1 Chantal Gajdos(5k)
Chris Rafferty(5k) 0-1 Celestin Bernard(7k)
Julia Bohle(16k) 0-1 Patrick Bossut(10k)
Carol Doyle(16k) 1-0 Eudeline Arnaud(12k)
Round 2: Leinster Select-v- Clermont-Ferrand
Peter Kron(3k) 1-0 Pierre Techio(2d)
Aurelien Journet-Brochet(1d) 1-0 Laurent Aigouy(2k)
Chris Rafferty(5k) 1-0 Etienne Crubellier(4k)
Peter S(8k) 0-1 Chantel Gajdos(5k)
Alex Delogu(7k) 0-1 Celestin Bernard(7k)
Marie Julien(4k) 1-0 Patrick Bossut(10k)
Sheena Walsh(16k) 1-0 Eudeline Arnaud(12k)
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