2016 AGM

Date: January 16th 2016
Venue: Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin 4

Rory Wales
John Gibson
Noel Mitchell
Steven Flinter
James Hutchinson
Tibi Gociu
Arthur Cater
Cian Synnott

1. New Venue for Dublin Go Club
a. Toner’s to stay as current venue, will try to get a separate room up/downstairs.

2. Executive positions
a. Carol Doyle is the new Secretary.
b. John Gibson is the new Treasurer.
c. Tibi Gociu is the new Vice President.

3. Equipment
a. Arthur will keep bringing the equipment to TOP8.

4. Ladder
a. Complete failure in 2015.
b. Stay as is. A more aggressive online promotion of the game is required.

5. Confucius Cup Update
a. Marek is coming over.
b. Scribe Volunteers: Cian, Tibi, Noel.

6. Chinese Chess
a. Student from Birmingham coming over to run the Chinese Chess tournament.

7. Over 60’s European Championship
a. John Gibson will run this in association with the Japanese Embassy. Noel will help with the venue.

8. Winter Belfast Tournament
a. James mentioned about the One-day Winter tournament in Belfast.

9. IGA Membership
a. 22 members.

10. IGA Financials
a. Presented by Rory Wales.

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