Registration opens for the 3rd Irish Womens Championship

The Irish Womens Go Championship determines who will hold the title of Irish Womens Go Champion.

Registration is now open to all female identifying Irish passport holders and female identifying non-national persons who have been permanently resident in Ireland for at least 3 months.

* Registration for 2019 is now closed.

The current champion is Carol Doyle-Plikk, who took the title in 2015. Complete results and sgf here.

The tournament takes the form of a league-table, with each competitor playing a single match against the others. The Champion is decided in a best-of-three game between the top two players.

All competitors are advised to read the rules thoroughly.

Registered players:
Carol Doyle-Plikk 9kyu (Oslo) OGS/KGS – fah
Caroline Hutchinson 17kyu (Lisburn) IGS/KGS – Carrie
Rachel Plomp 11kyu (Dublin) OGS/KGS – rachelp92
Mich̬le Renaut 9kyu (Cork) KGS РClochette

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