2020 Correspondence Championship

The dust has barely settled on Philippe’s victory in the 2019 championship, but I’m going to open entries for the 2020 Correspondence Championship anyway.

In a possibly foolhardy attempt at innovation, I’m going to hold the 2020 tournament on OGS, partly because it’s easy to set tournaments up there, partly because it has a handy system of conditional moves that speeds correspondence games up a little.

As usual, the format will be a round-robin. In the event that I get a lot of entries (10+) I will break them up into divisions by EGF rating. Time limits will be Fischer time of 14 days + 1 day per move.

The championship is open to anyone who is Irish, has ever lived in Ireland, is married or otherwise related to someone Irish, or has any connection to Irish go, however tenuous.

No cheating, obv. Anyone caught using an AI will be ejected from the tournament and roundly mocked.

To enter the tournament, email Eoghan Barry by December 15th with your OGS username. I’ll set up the tournament over the holidays and games will start on January 1st.

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