Irish Summer Go Cup – Round 8

Our Round 8 review is here!
These are back to wall games now.
James as the last player of his team continues to maintain ANI’s hope alive after a new victory against Piotr from team Chochihun. The game was very balanced with James taking a clear lead but blackpete slowly coming back into the game by attacking and building a moyo of his own.
In the end though some tricky reading in the center ended up with White wrapping up the game.
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On the other board, Peter and John, some regular opponents, went for big moyo chase also. Again an early lead for Peter as John misread a corner, but a big moyo attracted a big dragon and John created a few opportunities for himself to try and kill a big group to come back. In the end Peter managed to live and then to draw a massive territory in a quarter of the board leaving no chance of come back.
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The league is now down to 8 players and each victory brings the team really close to the final Cup Win!

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