Irish Winter rengo/pair go entries now open

Entries are now open for the Irish Winter Rengo/Pair go championships
To enter, please email james8hut A@T hotmail D.O.T com stating rank, preferred partner, and whether you’re willing to play in December. If you don’t have a partner, I’ll find you one. If you think you’re not strong enough to enter, slap yourself in the face, and then repeat after me: ‘I am strong enough to enter’. Then enter.

Games will be played on Wednesday night at 8pm in the Ireland room in KGS. I plan that the tournament will start on November 25th, and run for 3/4 weeks depending on number of entries.

Swiss style tournament, with Pandanet style handicaps over the average of the two players ranks. 50 minutes main time. 5×30 seconds byo-yomi.

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