Irish Summer Go Cup – Registrations are open

Hello merry go players!
What is a summer without a good ol’ Irish Summer Cup?

Don’t worry, the IGA has you sorted with an exciting 5 rounds online tournament taking place in July on OGS!
All details can be found on the tournament webpage but to give you a flavour:

  • one round every Wednesday night
  • free entrance (I mean for IGA members of course but who isn’t?)
  • two brackets with a (small) prize for the winner

We might have a live twitch review of some of the boards/rounds on our exciting new Twitch channel.
Even if you cannot make all 5 rounds, you can probably make 4, right? Any good reason not to join?

You have not done any tsumego for a long time? Missing serious games atmosphere? Can’t remember last time you counted a game properly? Haven’t tried a tengen or black hole opening for a long time? You have made progress but not sure yet what your real level is?

Then just come and register to the Irish Summer Go Cup!
See you there in numbers!


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