After an intense week of go, Gavin will fly back to Ireland from Vladivostok with a great 3/6 score on the world scene, competing in the World Amateur Go Championship! He also competed in the high level Russian Cup and get a brilliant 3/5 there too.
Ireland has been well represented and ends up at the 31st place of the WAGC2021. Congrats to Gavin for his wins against Lithuania, Madagascar and Finland. Unfortunately I couldn’t get more .sgf than the first one in the post below but we got some nice pics from the event.

The event was amazing this year with some unexpected results like Poland beating Japan and China for probably the first time in the history of the WAGC and France beating Japan too.
Full results can be found here and a number of youtube videos can be watched too.

Ireland will go on with important World events with James Hutchinson representing Ireland at the Korean Prime Minister Cup in August! This year again KPMC is online so hopefully we can even see the games live again.
Thank you Gavin for taking pictures and sharing your results daily, this was an exciting week to keep a morning eye on Pandanet!

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