An April Rip-Off

With the Confucius Cup deferred until September, what better opportunity to return to the Teachers’ Club for another day of rip-offs, trick plays, and general treachery? Can anyone unseat reigning champion Lu Xinqun? Who will carry off the coveted Golden Hamete prize?

The April Rip-Off will take place on April 2nd, 2022 at the Teachers’ Club, the spiritual home of Dublin Go. The scene of crimes against sportsmanship too numerous to recount, the Teachers’ Club is located on Parnell Square in Dublin’s city centre, easily accessible by public transport. It also possesses a comfortable and well-appointed bar, should you find yourself in need of a salutary pint after a bruising endgame.

After three rounds of biting, kicking, and gouging, we will enjoy a final pint in the bar before repairing to a nearby restaurant for dinner (NB I will actually book a table this time so that we don’t wind up wandering Parnell Street like a pathetic stag party.)

The Ugly Details

Three rounds, McMahon format, handicap of difference in McMahon Score minus one.
Time Limits: 45 minutes main time plus 5 periods of 30 seconds byo-yomi (EGF Class B)
Entry Fee: €10 (payable at sign-in)
Venue: The Teacher’s Club, 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1. (Map)
Prizes: Champagne for my real friends. Real pain for my sham friends.

The Schedule

10.30: Sign-In
11.00: Round One
13.15: Lunch
14.15: Round Two
16.30: Round Three
20.00: Dinner


Email with your name, entry rank and your EGF PIN (if you have one). Also, let me know if you want to come for dinner afterwards. 

If you just rock up on the day without having registered, don’t expect a warm welcome.

Player List

Lu Xinqun (Dublin, 4d)
Cheng Gong (no club, 3d)
James Hutchinson (Belfast, 2d)
John Courtney (Dublin, 1d)
Przemek Dyszczyk (Dublin, 1d)
Matei Garcia (Dublin, 1d)
Alex Delogu (Dublin, 1k)
Peter Kasko (Dublin, 1k)
Tiberiu Gociu (Belfast, 3k)
Piotr Gawron (Dublin, 3k)
Eoghan Barry (Dublin, 4k)
Chow Zhi Hao (Dublin, 5k)
Jacky Lam (no club, 5k)
Niall Tuohy (Dublin, 6k)
Ruari McCloskey (Belfast, 6k)
Byoung-Ju Lee (Dublin, 6k)
Arthur Cater (Dublin, 12k)
Calum MacKenzie (Belfast, 13k)
Stephen Eachus (Belfast, 15k)

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