Ulster Championship Rules


1.    Definition of Qualified: permanently resident in Ulster for all of the past 2 years. If born in Ulster then only residence for the last year is required.
2.    Definition of Performed: the player won at least 1 game in a tournament, in a tournament rated by either the BGA or the IGA OR played in at least 1 game in a rated tournament on Ulster soil.

The automatic qualifiers are the top 4 Qualified players in the EGF ratings at the end of the previous year who have Performed in said year.

If an automatic qualifier either declines, or fails to confirm participation by January 15th of the current year, the next player(s) in the rating list are invited.


The four automatic qualifiers play a knockout during the current year. Best of three semifinals followed by a final, also best of three. Time limits 70 mins each with 5×30 seconds byo-yomi. If both players agree, Canadian byo-yomi of 15 stones in 5 minutes can be played instead. Japanese rules. 6.5 points komi. Semi-finals are seeded. Seed 1 plays Seed 4. Seed 2 plays Seed 3. If either of these games is a repeat of one of the semi finals from the previous year, the number one seed has the option to change the semi finals so that Seed 1 plays Seed 3, and Seed 2 plays Seed 4. NB. The number 1 seed is perfectly at liberty NOT to exercise this option if he/she sees fit.

Games may be either online (preferred server: KGS) or face-to-face. It is not required that all 3 games of a match be one or the other.

Any face-to-face game will be rated by EGF if both players have emailed the organiser in advance to confirm this.

Organiser: James Hutchinson

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