IGA Newsletter

The IGA Newsletter is currently produced by Ian Davis. We aim is to publish 4 editions a year. Chief reviewer is Wei Wang, 6 dan. All contributions are warmly welcomed. You do not have to be an expert to be published. Contact us by email. If you haven’t received a newsletter let us know.

The issues listed below refer only to the new editions of the IGA newsletter. Long ago there was another newsletter, but it ceased to publish before 2000. At some point we should collect up these old newsletters, scan them, and place them online.

Newsletter Index
– 2011
Issue 10: Janice Kim visit, WAGC report with game review (James Hutchinson v Argentina), Galway Open report with game review (Justyna Kleczar – Rory Wales), News Round Up
Issue 9: details to appear
– 2010
Issue 8: details to appear
Issue 7: Editorial/News, Littlegolem review, Game Review (Anthony Durity-Ian Davis), Belfast Open Review, Game Review (John Gibson-Maria Puerta Webb) as well as 2 extra WAGC games.
Issue 6: Editorial/News, OGS review, Game Review (Bobby Morrison-Ken Savage), Irish Open Review, Game Review (Rory Wales-Mark Webb), Interview with Wei Wang, International News.
Issue 5: Editorial/News , Game Review (Colin MacSweeny-James Hutchinson), Review (FlyOrDie), Game Review (Ian Davis-James Hutchinson)
– 2009
Issue 4: Editorial, Book Review (Hye Yeon’s Creative Life and Death) with Puzzle, KMPC Report, Interprovincials, Game Review (Mark Webb – JohnGibson), News, Game Review (Claas Roever – Ian Davis)
Issue 3: Editorial/News, Game Review (Colin MacSweeny-James Hutchinson), Game Review (Rory Wales, Colin MacSweeny)
Issue 2: Editorial, Game Review (Noel Mitchell-Claas Roever), Top 8 crosstable, Puzzles, Game Review (Nicholas Rossos-Brian Gallagher), Ladder, News
Issue 1: Editorial, Book Reviews (The Style of Go Seigen, 21st Century New Openings), Game Review (Colin MacSweeny-EdwinBrady), Puzzle, Software Review (Leela Lite), Game Review (Fernando Ochoa – Terence McSweeney), Game Review (Cao Tong Yu – Wei Wang), Game Review (Karl Irwin – Mark Webb)

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