Korea Points Rules 2009

From 2009, Korea Points will now be allocated on the basis of performance in Open Irish Tournaments and the Ladder (2013 onwards). (The old Rules are listed here.) The Irish Championship will no longer count towards Korea points.

Class A tournaments will offer more points than Class B, which will offer more points than Class C. The distribution of points is shown in the table below. Classes are explained on the EGF website.

When places are shared, the points will be shared between the players eg. Alan and Bob tie for first place in a Class C tournament, they both get 3.5 points. Points will be rounded up to the nearest half point. (Sept 09). Tiebreakers such as SOS or SODOS will not be used to split places, players on the same MMS will be considered tied.

All IGA members are eligible for Korea points, regardless of nationality or rank*.(Jan 2013) Players who have not competed in more than 50% of the rounds in a tournament will not be eligible for Korea Points in that tournament (Sept 2009).

Tournament Directors will gain a minimum of 1 point, as a reward for their work (Oct 2011). Should the tournament director compete in the tournament, they will receive points as normal but are not subject to the requirement to play more than 50% of the rounds (Jan, 2013)

The player with the highest points total, providing they have not represented Ireland at the World Amateur Go Championship during that same year, should be selected. Any player travelling to Korea to represent Ireland will have their points total reset to 0. Additionally, at the end of each year, all players who have not either scored points or competed in at least two tournaments eligible for Korea points will have 2 points deducted from their points total (Jan, 2015).

New points table as of May 09.

Place Class A Class B Class C
1 8 6 4
2 6 4 3
3 5 3 2
4 4 2 1
5 3 1 0
6 2 0 0
7 1 0 0
Total 29 16 10

For reference the old points table is listed below

Place Class A Class B Class C
1 10 8 6
2 7 5 3
3 6 4 2
4 5 3 1
5 4 2 0
6 3 1 0
7 2 0 0
8 1 0 0
Total 38 23 12

* However, Irish citizenship is required in order to represent Ireland in the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup..

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