Korea Points Rules

This page describes the rules which are used to select a player to represent Ireland at the yearly tournament in Korea, i.e. the Korea Prime Minister Cup World Baduk Championship.

Eligible Players
Players eligible to represent Ireland must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Has the highest Korea Points value on that particular year (see below)
  2. Is a member of the Irish Go Association.
  3. Is a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.
  4. Has a strength of 4 kyu or higher.
  5. Has not represented Ireland at the World Amateur Go Championship in Japan during that same year.

Korea Points can be gained while playing games at the Irish Open tournament and the Irish Championship (Top8 tournament), according to the following rules:

  1. Players must be Irish Citizen or eligible to Irish citizenship (5 years of continuous living in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland).
  2. Each won game at the Irish Open tournament adds 2 points to the Korea points total.
  3. Each completed Irish Championship tournament earns a number of Korea points matching the player’s final position. That is, #1 position corresponds to 8 points, #2 position corresponds to 7 points, etc.
  4. Korea Points of a player are reset to zero after representing Ireland.

The Korea Points Rules Committee

  1. In all matters of interpretation of these rules or of issues not covered above the Rules Committee has the final decision.

The current Korea Points Rules Committee is made of the following members:

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