2008 Ladder Results

The 2008 Ladder was the first IGA Ladder Tournament.

1st Cao Tong Yu Top 8 Qualifier
2nd Ian Davis
3rd Noel Mitchell
4th Michael Thai Top 8 Qualifier
5th Julien Renaud
6th Colin MacSweeny Top 8 Qualifier, Iron Pillar Award
7th Ed Wormington
8th Brian Gallagher Top 8 Qualifier
9th Paul Brennan
10th John Gibson
11th Eoghan Barry Most Active Player Award
12th Rory Wales
13th Claas Roever
14th Olivier Deme
15th Mark Webb
16th Peter Kasko
17th Bernard Palmer
18th Arthur Cater
19th Richard Brennan
20th John Doyle
21st Killian Walsh

Ian Davis, Noel Mitchell and Claas Roever had already qualified for the 2009 Top 8. Julien Renaud and Ed Wormington were ineligible.

Stephen Flinter and Daniel Paraschiv played some games during the tournament but withdrew before it ended.

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