Online Interprovincials 2015

The results of 2011’s competition can be viewed here. We aim to start this year’s event in April.

– Japanese Rules
– 60 minutes maintime with byoyomi 30 seconds 5 times
– no handicap please Nigiri for colours

– The event will be run as a knockout tournament.
– Each team should have 3 players, but feel free to substitute new players into your line up if necessary
– Team Captains should try to arrange a suitable playing time to play all the matches together. If this doesn’t work out, games can be arranged on an individual basis.
– The board order for each team should be by ranks, strongest rank at the top, weakest rank at the bottom.

– Connaught: Philippe Renaut (Captain), John Gibson, Richard Brennan
– Leinster: Arthur Cater(Captain)
– Munster: Tom Shanahan(Captain), Anthony Durity, Padraig O’Sullivan
– Ulster: James Hutchinson(Captain), Tiberiu Gociu, Roger Clarke

Round 1

Connaught 2-1 Leinster
Philippe Renaut C Geoffrey Crespino
John Gibson C Chris Rafferty
Richard Brennan L Arthur Cater
Munster 0-2 Ulster
Tom Shanahan U James Hutchinson
Padraig O’Sullivan Tiberiu Gociu
Brian Barrett U Roger Clarke


Connaught 2-1 Ulster
Philippe Renaut C James Hutchinson
John Gibson C Tiberiu Gociu
Richard Brennan U Roger Clarke
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