Online Interprovincials 2019

There is an archive of previous championships at the Interprovincials page itself. For 2019 the event will be a round robin or all play all format.

Teams are still being formed. Contact Ian if you are interested to play at sivadnai at gmail dot com please specify which province you want to play for.


 	* No cheating.
 	* 45 minutes with 3 x 20 seconds (Medium pace)
 	* 6.5 komi, Japanese Rules.
 	* Handicap is 1 stone for every 250 rating points. 
 	* Board order is by EGF rating as of start of 2019.
 	* For each match a team consists of 3 players (of course, the squad can be larger to handle red cards, injuries, and vacation)
 	* Qualification to play for a province is (normally)
 	* * Born there, or
 	* * Lives there

I’d suggest that the default time for matches should be Saturday afternoon – 2:00 pm but if that’s not suitable the teams can of course choose another time. If all 3 boards can’t play the match at the same time, then playing them one at a time is still acceptable.
Keep Ian up to date with the results and the playing schedule (i.e. CC me on emails like crazy)


3 Wins: Connaught

2 Wins: Ulster

1 Win: Leinster

0 Wins: Munster

Current Squads

Captains are marked with a © symbol

Connaught Leinster Munster Ulster
Philippe Renaut (2214) Matei Garcia ©(1932) Cian Synnott © (1994) James Hutchinson (2125)
Kevin Farrell © (1851) Eoghan Barry (1620) John Doyle (1183) Ian Davis © (2090)
John Gibson (1730) Arthur Cater (952) Carol Doyle (972) Tiberiu Gociu (1788)
Connaught Leinster Patrick Naughton(ogs-1600) Ruari McCloskey (877)
Connaught Leinster Munster Ulster

Round 1 

Munster v Leinster

Ulster v Connaught

Ulster 1-2 Connaught
J.Hutchinson 0-1 P.Renaut
I.Davis 0-1 K.Farrell
T.Gociu 1-0 J.Gibson
Munster 1-2 Leinster
C.Synnott 0-1 M.Garcia
P.McNaughton 0-1 E.Barry
C.Doyle 1-0 A.Cater

Round 2 – the Sequel 

Munster v Ulster

Leinster v Connaught

Munster 1-2 Ulster
C.Synnott 0-1 J Hutchinson
P.McNaughton 0-1 I Davis
C.Doyle 1-0 R McCloskey
Connaught 3-0 Leinster
P.Renaut 1-0 M.Garcia
K.Farrell 1-0 E.Barry
J.Gibson 1-0 A.Cater

Round 3 – the Quickening 

Munster v Connaught

Leinster v Ulster

Munster 0-2 Connaught
C.Synnott 0-1 P.Renaut
P.McNaughton 0-1 K.Farrell
C.Doyle ?-? J.Gibson
Ulster 3-0 Leinster
J.Hutchinson 1-0 M.Garcia
I.Davis 1-0 E.Barry
R.McCloskey 1-0 A.Cater

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