2018 Confucius Cup

Posted by ian on November 4th, 2017


game-go game-chinese chess
Go (Weiqi) Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)
Go & Chinese Chess Congress
March 2nd-4th 2018

The Gresham Hotel
23 Upper O’Connell Street
Dublin 1


gresham hotel

The Gresham Hotel

The Irish Go Association, and the Irish Chinese Chess Association in association with The UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland are pleased to present the 2018 Irish Confucius Cup. The Congress will take place again at The Gresham Hotel right in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, and will be comprised of the following tournaments

  • The Rapid Go Tournament
  • The Confucius Cup Go Tournament
  • The Confucius Cup Chinese Chess Tournament

    The Confucius Cup Go & Chinese Chess Tournament Rules
    The Go tournament will be a European Grand Prix Level B event and consist of 5 rounds: 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. The Chinese Chess tournament will consist of 7 rounds, 4 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.

    Go Chinese Chess
    Number Of Games 5 7
    Rules EGF with 6.5 komi Asian Xiangqi (Chinese Chess)
    Time Settings 60 minutes plus overtime of 5 periods of 30 seconds byo-yomi Fischer Time 45 minutes basic plus 10 seconds increment per move
    Pairing System McMahon Swiss


    Visiting Professional Players and Dignitaries

    • Shizhen Liu, 7-pro, Vice Director, Shanghai Qiyuan
    • Tianhui Chen, 6-dan, Executive Officer, Shanghai GO Association
    • Xubin Dong, National Chess Master
    • Qilin Ouyang, Vice Director, Shanghai Qiyuan
    • Guo Juan, 5-pro, InternetGoSchool

    The following cash amounts will be awarded to the top finishers of the Go and Chinese Chess tournaments:

    Go Chinese Chess
    1st place €1,000 tbc
    2nd place €800 tbc
    3rd place €700 tbc
    4th place €600 tbc
    5th place €500 tbc
    6th place €400 tbc
    7th place €300 tbc

    Chinese Chess Prizes
    All prize details for Chinese Chess have yet to be confirmed.

    Provisional Weekend Schedule

    Date Time Go Chinese Chess
    Fri 2nd March 19:00 5 Round Rapid 5 Round Rapid
    Sat 3rd March 09:00 Registration
    10:00 Opening Ceremony
    10:15 Go Round 1 Chinese Chess Round 1
    12:30 Chinese Chess Round 2
    14:00 Go Round 2
    14:45 Chinese Chess Round 3
    17:00 Go Round 3 Chinese Chess Round 4
    18:00 Simultaneous Games Against Professionals
    19:30 Dinner
    Sun 4th March 09:00 Chinese Chess Round 5
    09:30 Go Round 4
    11:20 Chinese Chess Round 6
    12:30 Go Round 5
    13:30 Chinese Chess Round 7
    15:15 Professional Reviews of Top Go & Chinese Chess Boards
    16:30 Prizegiving
    19:00 Dinner

    Tournament Directors
    The tournament directors for the Go competition will be Tony Atkins, whilst Li Chen will be in charge of the Chinese Chess competition.

    Internet Broadcasting
    We expect to broadcast the top board from the tournament, details to be announced later.

    The Rapid Go Tournament
    The Rapid, to be held on the Friday evening, will follow a Handicap Swiss format with time allowances reducing each round.

    Go Players:
    You can register for the Confucius Cup using this form.
    There is also a list of registered players.
    Chinese Chess Players:
    You can register for the Confucius Cup using this form.
    There is also a list of registered players.
    The list of registered players is updated every few days. For queries on registration, you can try email to Ian, who will pass on your query to the organisers.

    Registration Fee
    For the Confucius Cup Go and Chinese Chess tournaments, the entry fee will be free for the Chinese Chess tournament and €25 for Go tournament. Students and the unemployed can avail of the concession rate of €10 for the Go tournament. Entry fee for the Friday night Rapid Go tournament will be €10

    Please watch this space for further details and updated information.

    A report on the 2017 event can be viewed here

    Several accommodation options are listed on this Google Map. The Gresham Hotel itself of course offers accommodation and there are several other hotels and guesthouses nearby, for instance the Charles Stewart. One hostel we have had players use in the past is Dublin City Bunkhouse. A few players have also opted to rent an apartment with and

    International visitors may want to consult Dublin Airport’s website , especially the To and from section.

    Organising Committee
    In coordination with the UCD Confucius Institute, the organising committee are:
    John Gibson, Arthur Cater, Carol Doyle, and Ian Davis.

    Irish Go Association AGM
    Irish Players should note that the AGM will take place on Saturday, as detailed here.