About The Irish Go Association

Posted by stephen on June 15th, 2006

The Irish Go Association serves to promote and administer the game of Go in Ireland. The IGA is affiliated to the International Go Federation and the European Go Federation, and represents Irish go players at the international level. Within Ireland, the IGA organises national championships and the annual Irish Go Congress, provides support for clubs and teachers, liaises with the embassies and federations of the major Go nations, and maintains the IGA website. The IGA is a voluntary organisation.

Who Is The IGA?

The IGA Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting, last held in Jan 2017, which is open to all members.  The (2016) Committee comprises:

President – Rory Wales
Vice President – Tiberiu Gociu
Secretary – Carol Doyle
Treasurer – John Gibson
Members – James Hutchinson, Noel Mitchell, Arthur Cater, John Gibson, Rich Brennan, Thomas Shanahan

For general enquiries, please use our contact form.

Why Should I Join The IGA?

First, to support the game of Go in Ireland. The activities of the IGA are solely funded by member subscriptions. Second, membership is required to compete in the national championships, and to represent Ireland at the international level. For full details on the structure of the championships and international representation, please see the National & International page. Third, we are working to develop a range of membership benefits – these include a discount on purchases from our sponsor, OK Sports, access to the IGA mentoring scheme, receipt of the weekly newsletter of the American Go Association which features plenty of international news along with problems and game commentaries, and a grant programme to support Irish players travelling to tournaments abroad. The Irish Newsletter restarted in 2015.

How Can I Join?

The easiest way to join is at any Irish tournament, or through your local club. Alternatively, please contact us, and we can make the necessary arrangements, eg PayPal or bank transfer. You can also email John Gibson for payment details. Membership dues are currently €10 annually, with a concession rate of €5 for students and the unwaged. Note: Membership is on a Calendar year basis.

How Can I Get Involved?

We’re glad you asked. The IGA depends on the efforts of enthusiastic volunteers for all its work and the more people involved, the more we can do. Whether you would be interested in helping run the Irish Go Congress, or teaching other players in the mentoring scheme, or starting a club in your local area, we welcome your interest. Whether you have a specific project in mind or you just want to help generally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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There are several ways to air views on the running of the IGA, chit-chat with other members, or even post news: