New website!

I’ve been working on a new look and feel to the website in recent days, and have decided to publish it. It’s still not 100% complete – in particular, some of the links in the old posts may be broken, but I’ll get that sorted out before too long.

The decision to change was partly the feeling that the old site had become tired looking. In addition, it was more difficult to maintain than I would like. So, I decided to change from PostNuke (the content management system of the old site) to WordPress, which now powers this site. The real kicker, however, was when the old site was hacked a couple of times in the past week or so. That sealed the deal.

One of the great advantages of WordPress is that it allow very easy posting of images along with posts, which you’ll see below. Hopefully, this will mean that we can post more pictures and game diagrams than we previously could.

The old site will remain available for a short while at, so you can still access the content there. All relevant content from there that has not yet been migrated to the new site will be migrated very shortly. One disadvantage of the migration is that all the old links will have broken, so if you maintain a website that links here, please check out the new link. Apologies for any difficulties that this causes.

If you have any comments on the new look and feel, or would like to see something on the site that’s not currently here, please let me know, and I’ll do my best.

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